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    Reviews of all online stores in the UK. Okay, maybe not all… but a lot! We made an overview and subdivided them into categories so you can easily find a company that offers what you are looking for. From there, you can choose the best one, reviewed by people who went before you. Looking for a dress or shirt? Look at clothing stores. Recently moved? Go to the kitchen and living division. Need new plants? Visit our garden category. Here you can see all categories and stores. Know what you buy and where. This way, you’ll know what customer service you can expect and how they handle a repair within the warranty. Read reviews, experiences, opinions and complaints of people who went before you, or leave your own.

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    About online shops
    Shopping online has become more and more popular in our country. Many purchases that were, until quite recently, done in a physical shop, mall or shopping street, nowadays more and more people buy their clothes, accessories, gagets and even furniture online. The reason that more and more people buy online has to do with the fact that purchasing products or services comes with many perks. On this site you can read what these benefits are and what you should watch out for.

    The benefits of online shopping
    The online purchase of products and services has several benefits. The most important pers of online shopping are the following:

    • You don’t have to leave your house to still be able to buy your favourite products, brand and/or services. Especially when you have a demanding job and have no time to go to the shopping mall or shopping street, this is a huge benefit.
    • Online you can find a huge offer of products and services. In shops this choice is a bit more restricted, but online you will find ample supplies of products and services that you can purchase.
    • Online shopping can be much cheaper. Even before the start of the sale in physical shops, online shops already give discounts to lure customers to their online shop. Besides, web shops often organise special offers what you can notice simply by keeping track of the website.
    • Online shopping is easy. You can select your favourite products and services in a large offer of products and services at a web shop. Often online shopping is cheaper than buying a product in a store. And because them mostly don’t charge extra for delivering the product to your house and most web shops deliver the next day, all the disadvantages of shopping online are taken away by lots of web shops.

    Online shopping: find a reliable store
    Because of the growing popularity of online shopping, the increase of online shops in the last year is massive. Many of these shops offer good service and therefore are very reliable, but there are also web shops that cannot make good on their customers’ expectations. When you shop at an unreliable web shop, you will certainly regret this, especially if you are swindled for a large sum of money. The best way to prevent that from happening is by inspecting the web shop before making any orderings or purchases. You can investigate a webs hop simply by taking a good look at its website, but also by skimming experiences from other customers at this web shop. Are you looking for experiences by other people? Than look at this website to see if you can find the web shop that you think of. Here, customers leave their independent and honest reviews of a lot of web shops.

    Web shops in all categories
    On this website you find reviews of web shops in different categories. The subcategories in this category are: all-in-1 web shops, buying clothes online, housing centres, construction markets, personal care, household, sport shops and fitness clubs, kitchen, children and babies, electronics, multimedia, garden centres, magazines and subscriptions, sex shops, gift coupons, computer shops, and car shops. Search for the web shop that you want to read reviews about by going to the right category, check if the web shop is among the offer of reviewed shops and read reviews by other people to see what customers really think of a specific web shop.


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