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    See here all our companies. We have divided and subdivided all companies in stores into easy categories and subcategories, so you will not have to look very far. Are you looking for a supplier of green energy, but first want information about the quality of the customer service? Or do you value a low costs? Look at our ‘green energy’ category. But are you looking for a good online clothing shop and do you want to know if they deliver on the delivery date they promise? Then look at our web shops and clothing stores. Of course, the same also goes for a certain insurance (car, camper or travel insurance), dating agencies, loans or wealth management (investing, saving, etc). Choose the best, cheapest or most customer friendly from a certain category. That way you won’t have to look any further and know that you’ll be alright. After all, it are all experiences, opinions, reviews and complaints of customers that went before you and can tell you exactly what their customer experience was.

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    Experiences, reviews, opinions and experiences of companies by customers
    It is not easy to devide the wheat from the chaff when if comes to good or bad companies. Because of the internet revolution, companies grow like weed and disappear just as fast. Internet has greatly promoted the growth of bad / cheap / unclear companies, but can also help to fight against this phenomena as good as possible. Before, it was not as easy to express an opinion or bad experience with a company and share it with a large audience. Therefore, that company could continue selling rubbish for a long time before everybody knew. Nowadays, that’s not as easy anymore. The same multimedia, the internet, can make sure that companies that don’t keep their customers in high regard, are put in their place. That way, companies are forced to not look at price alone, but also at many other aspects. Therefore, the cheapest company does not has to be the best anymore, nor the one who sells the most. The balance between price and quality has been tested by hands-on experts. This is the reason US-Reviews is founded and the way that we are left with nothing but good companies.

    Companies have to deliver what they stand for. An insurance company that promises to pay the new-for-old value really has to come through. If they don’t, others will read in reviews that a company does not keep its promises. Whether an energy supplier is reliable? That is simply confirmed or denied by you, the customer.

    You pay, so you decide.
    Everyone is a customer. Whether you take out an insurance, change to another energy supplier or by a sweater at an (online) shop, there is no way around it. And there are as many offers as there are buyers. From cheap to sustainable to environmentally friendly to customer friendly. We understand that you don’t know where to look. What’s the difference between one life insurance policy and the other? And are there even any differences or is the only difference the monthly costs? Are the calling minutes of your mobile phone subscription sufficient or do you have to pay extra each month? It’s important to read as many (independent) reviews as possible before you buy or purchase an item. We from US-Reviews try to help by providing you with useful information. That way, by reviews, experiences and opinions or thousands of customers that went before you, you can decide if you still want to buy.

    Why do you mainly focus on insurance companies, energy suppliers, holiday/travel agencies, telecom, investing and dating?
    Over all, we try to make enough categories so that we can include all companies in the whole country. Of course, that is not always possible because there are many exceptions. But we put the focus on companies that demand a long time commitment or have a large impact on your life. Even though we also discuss many online shops for clothing, computers, cameras, garden gear, household items and kitchen supplies, an occasional bad bargain in these categories is not as bad than in an energy contract or insurance. The sweater or shirt that you bought online can be send back (mostly there is a returning period of 7 days) and a tablet is easier to return than a contract that binds you for one or two years. With an item that is purchased online you’ll have to wait and see if the company keeps to their promised delivery date, has a good warranty policy and whether the ordering process was satisfactory. We still discuss many of these companies. But the biggest mistakes can be made with big purchases and/or at companies that want a long time commitment, like a holiday cottage in Barcelona or Croatia. These purchases have big influences on your life for a long time. Or the feeling of disappointment was more present, like the vacation that you were longing for or the dating company that wasn’t what you expected after a big investment. Hopefully, we won’t have to explain these disappointments to you. That’s why it is important that you are well informed. Think for instance of the energy contract that you take out for 1 or 3 years. A wrong choice commits you for years and makes you pay way more than you really had to. Or did you book a vacation at a bad tour operator? Or at a provider of bungalows that is not so strict with his promises? Did you have to go on a bus while they promised a flight? That’s what you can tell your fellow customers and clients. That way we save each other from making a mistake, going on a vacation from hell or having a contract that makes your life miserable.

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